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Learn how earth's final battle will bring victory to spiritual Israel and the mysterious "kings of the east" as revealed in t ...  
Can a Saved Man Choose to be Lost?
Proof that eternal life does not hinge on a single moment of decision. A great book for sharing with anyone confused by the o ...  
Does God's Grace Blot Out the Law?
Shows that God's law and His grace do not work in competition with each other, but in perfect cooperation.  
Heaven: Is It for Real?
You better believe it! See a glimpse of the place we can all look forward to when Jesus comes.  
Hidden Eyes and Closed Ears
Avoid the spiritual delusions that will cause so many religious people to be lost. An important book for every Christian in t ...  
Holy Spirit - The Need
Shortly after becoming a Christian, some of my believing friends would ask, “Have you received the baptism of the Holy Spirit ...  
Is It Easier to Be Saved or Lost?
Good News! Salvation is far easier than most people think.  
Is it Possible to Live Without Sinning?
Provides assurance that it is possible, through Christ, to achieve total victory over sin.  
Pending - Your Case in Court
Describes the end-time courtroom scenes of Daniel and Revelation and why you can look forward to it.  
Rendezvous in Space
There are so many theories and interpretations of the second coming that it’s hard for people to know the Bible truth on the ...  
Satan in Chains
Get an exciting, detailed look at what will take place on the earth during the soon coming millennium. Your questions about t ...  
Spiritual Israel
What is Israel's destiny? Is there something more to her than national sovereignty? Two Jews boldly tackle one of the most co ...  
The Abomination of Desolation
What is the Abomination of Desolation? Does it have anything to do with Antiochus Epiphanes? What did Daniel the prophet say ...  
The Beast: Who Will Worship It?
Reveals how Satan is preparing people to fall for his last-day delusions and the mark of the beast.  
The High Cost of the Cross
Delve to the very heart of our faith with this classic, heart-changing journey into why Christ had to die the second death to ...  
The Last Night On Earth
A book that compels readers to ask: “Would I be saved if tonight was my last night on earth?”  
The Search for the True Church
Are you searching? Have you found it? God's true church is finally identified. Through biblical reasoning and research, the r ...  
The Secret Rapture
Exposes the numerous errors of the prevalent secret rapture theory. Find out what really happens when Jesus Christ returns.  
The Surrender of Self
A reminder that God has given us all a powerful weapon in combating the self nature.  
The Two Witnesses
Discover brand-new insights and biblical truths about the two great witnesses from the often neglected but pivotal story of t ...  
Who Will Sing the Song? The 144000 of Revelation 14
Understand the symbolism and literalism behind this often misunderstood group. Learn more about the 12 tribes, the 12 apostle ...  
Why God Said Remember
A classic and inspiring look at the Sabbath - God's loving but urgent attempt to keep the truth of His Creation before a worl ...  
Why the Old Covenant Failed
A powerful argument to support Sabbath observance by New Testament Christians.  


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