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Are you Rapture Ready?
What makes people ready for the rapture? Will stockpiling food and ammunition prepare you for what is to come? Learn what the Bible describes as your ...  
End of the World Predictions Gone Wrong
Do we know the exact day of Christ’s return? Many have predicted when the second coming of Jesus will take place, but all of them have been wrong so f...  
Like a Thief in the Night
The Bible says that the Day of the Lord will come like a 'thief in the night'. What does that mean?  
Signs of the End of the World
Can we know how close Jesus’ soon return will be? Yes! The Bible provides many signs that tell us we are near the very end of the age.  
The Coming Millennium
What is the millennium? Why is there a millennium? When is the millennium? Set aside human theories about these 1,000 years and see what the Bible say...  
The Dangers of Darbyism
What are the origins of futurism, the two-phase mid-tribulation theory, and the Scofield Reference Bible? Do these teachings line up with Bible truth?  
The Doomsday Clock is Ticking
Scientific discovery, technological power, and a touch of sci-fi creativity have led some to predict life on our planet could end soon. Here are some ...  
Will You be Left Behind?
A common misconception of the secret rapture theory is that people will continue to live on the earth after Christ’s return. Is this what the Bi...  


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Rapture Music

Rapture Hymns
The soon return of Jesus inspired musicians to express hope in the second coming of Christ. Enjoy listening to this selection of hymns or download sheet music and guitar chords....
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