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Can people be saved after the rapture occurs? Pastor Doug explains that when Christ comes there will be no second chance. He also discusses the length of the tribulation and Daniel 9.  
Does the Bible support a pre-tribulation or post-tribulation? There are many Scripture stories of God saving His people through trials, not from trials.  
Elaborate on Bible texts which show there is not a secret rapture. A careful reading of Matthew 24 provides a context for the passage often used to support a secret rapture. Pastor Doug discusses this chapter along with other Bible verses that do not support this theory.  
Explain the secret rapture and the Bible references for it. It is true that we will be carried away by Christ, but it is not true that it will happen secretly. The Bible gives us a clear picture that every eye will see Him when He comes.  
Mankind was not always as certain about the future as he seems to be today. How do people know the future? The Bible is a sure source of knowing what will happen in the future.  
A major theme in the Bible is the second coming of Christ. Should we look forward to it? When will Christ return? What will happen when Jesus returns to this earth? Will it happen once? Will it happen secretly? What does the Bible teach?  
What is the battle of Armageddon? Where will it be fought? Who will be fighting in it and what will they be fighting over?  
The greatest event of the ages is about to transpire. So many are distracted they are unable to realize it. Stress and fear caused by world events pull people away from our only source of peace. What does the Bible say about our times and Christ's return?  
Can we exactly pinpoint when the rapture will occur? When does the 7-year tribulation period start?  
Will the church go through the tribulation? Were the children of Israel saved from the plagues in Egypt or through it? Or Joseph from his experience in prison or through it. Many Bible stories show that we enter the kingdom through tribulation. We need to remember to keep our beliefs on the Bible and not be deceived by many voices, including voices in the church.  
Will this planet be the new earth after the second coming of Jesus? Yes, God's original plan for our world was corrupted by the devil. God says that He will make a new heavens and a new earth for us. After living with Christ in heaven for 1,000 years Revelation says that the city of God, the New Jerusalem, will come down to our earth and all things will be made like they were before sin touched our planet.  


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