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Will this planet be the new earth after the second coming of Jesus?

Caller:  Hi.  Will this be the new earth after the earth is cleaned with fire, or will there be another new earth?  You know what I mean.

Pastor Doug:  Yes I think I know what you mean.  God had an original plan, Jewel, when He made this planet.  And the plan has been corrupted, perverted and polluted by the devil.

But the devil is not going to confound God’s plan.  God is going to purify this planet.  And He’s going to create a new heavens – that means a new atmosphere – and a new earth.  And He’s going to take this same world and re-create it because, the Bible says, ‘Blessed are the meek.  They will inherit the earth,’ meaning we will eventually inherit the earth.

Furthermore Christ said, ‘I go to prepare a place for you.’  He’s gone to get those mansions.  ‘When I come again, I will receive you unto Myself.’  We’re caught up to meet the Lord in the air.  You’ll spend a millennium in Heaven, living and reigning with Christ.  Then Revelation chapter 21 says at the conclusion of that millennium, ‘I saw the New Jerusalem coming down from Heaven,’ to this planet of course.

Caller:  Which New Jerusalem is this?

Pastor Doug:  That’s the City of God, where He’s built the mansions.

Caller:  Ok.

Pastor Doug:  There’ll be no ozone depletion, no green house effect in that new earth and that’s why it says, ‘a new heavens.’

Caller:  Ok.  Thank you.

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