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The Doomsday Clock is Ticking

The Doomsday Clock is Ticking
Scientific discovery, technological power, and a touch of sci-fi creativity have led some to predict life on our planet could end soon. While we don’t endorse these views, it shows that much of the world—even hardcore atheists—believe we could be living in the end of days. Some of the more common theories of doomsday include:

Nuclear Holocaust

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists set its Doomsday Clock at three minutes to midnight on January 22, 2015, based primarily on the the idea that a small rogue nation or group could obtain enriched nuclear material and cause worldwide chaos that would end all life on earth.

Climate Change

Some scientists warn that man-caused global warming threatens the future of life on earth, saying disappearing habitable land from rising sea levels will lead to devastating armed conflicts in a battle for resources.

Super Volcanoes

Immense eruptions spewing ash into the atmosphere could radically change earth’s climate and kill billions. Some geologists predict that a colossal volcanic explosion under Yellowstone will someday devastate most of North America.

Disappearing Resources

Based on population growth and uncontained consumption, some scientists believe the earth will no longer have food or other crucial resources for human survival beyond 2100.

Catastrophic Asteroid Impact

Some scientists say that there is a realistic chance an asteroid could hit the earth in 850 years and wipe out all life. Other cosmic problems include star explosions, passing black holes, gamma-ray bursts, and galaxy collisions.

Giant Earthquakes

Since the April 2015 Nepal earthquake, seismologists are predicting giant earthquakes 32 times more vigorous than the 8.1 magnitude tremor that killed over 9,000. Such a large shaker would spawn devastating mega-tsunamis that would consume entire coastal cities.

Big Freeze / Firestorm

The sun will slowly expand into a red giant, pushing earth into outer space where it will turn into a giant ice cube in about 7.6 billion years—or simply cook it to death before sucking it into a fiery doom.

Pandemic Infectious Disease

Some scientists believe highly contagious viruses and genetic tampering could trigger a worldwide pandemic if accidentally exposed to the public.

Solar Storms

NASA predicts that increasing magnetic energy from the sun could cause a bombardment of solar flares and destroy all computers, power grids, and satellites, while triggering food shortages and water scarcity.

Alien Invasion

Are we alone in the universe? Some scientists believe life began on our planet from alien life from outer space and that extraterrestrials could invade earth for its resources.
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